Muro Blanco®, more than 10 years creating your perfect piece.

For more than a decade we have dedicated every process, draw and prototype to create exclusive and patented designs of 3D tiles, lattices, floors, planters and concrete furniture bringing a unique style to each architectural creation.

Innovation and design are our inspiration.

We create original, handcrafted pieces with unique designs inspired by the world and Mexico that integrate easily and extraordinarily in any architectural environment, creating style and an exclusivity . 100% concrete.

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3D  Wall Tiles | Lattice | Furniture | Flooring | Flower pots 

Exclusive designs.

In order to preserve the exclusivity of our designs we legally patent each one of them, this way we avoid an indiscriminate production and saturation in the market, this allows us to guarantee exclusivity in each design.

Exclusive and patented designs


Concrete, the raw material of our creations, is a universally accepted material with high durability, ductility and high resistance, which together with our production processes guarantee a long and beautiful useful life to all our products. See our textures

Durability and

Easy installation.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, under a similar philosophy all our products are created in such a way that their application is practical, fast and safe, regardless of whether our customer knows our products or not..


High customization.

Whether with our current catalog with dozens of exclusive designs or custom designs, at muro blanco® we focus on developing, creating and producing original artistic pieces in concrete, ensuring the highest conceptual, visual and production quality, in a timely manner.


Are you looking for a custom design?

If you want more information about our designs, do not hesitate to write us, we will gladly assist you. Ask for more information.

Are you looking for a custom design?

Muro Blanco®, from Google® to Starbucks®.

Our versatile designs can be found dressing all kinds of architectural works in Mexico in technological floors like Google® or Amazon®, contemporary buildings like the Hilton® or Prudential, franchises like SushiRoll® or Starbucks®, large corporations like Twitter® or Honeywell®, construction companies like Parks® and ICA® and design firms like Legorreta, Space, among others.

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Green, white and red wall, proudly.

Proudly 100% Mexican, we work every day to be a world class company, integrally, at a business, professional and human level. Many of our creations are inspired by Mexico and its countless beauties.

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